Wireshark for Security Professionals

“Wireshark for Security Professionals” is an indispensable handbook that unlocks the power of Wireshark, a widely-used network protocol analyzer, for security practitioners. Authored by Jessey Bullock and Jeff T. Parker, this book offers a comprehensive guide to leveraging Wireshark’s capabilities for network security analysis, threat detection, and incident response.

With clear explanations and practical examples, the book equips readers with the skills needed to capture, analyze, and interpret network traffic effectively. From understanding packet structures and protocols to detecting malicious activities and intrusions, “Wireshark for Security Professionals” provides insights into the inner workings of network communications and the techniques used by attackers to compromise systems.

In addition to covering basic network analysis techniques, the book explores advanced topics such as malware analysis, encryption, and forensics, demonstrating how Wireshark can be used to uncover hidden threats and investigate security incidents.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity analyst, network administrator, or IT professional, this book serves as a valuable resource for enhancing your network security posture and defending against cyber threats. By mastering the art of network traffic analysis with Wireshark, security professionals can gain a deeper understanding of their network environments and proactively identify and mitigate security risks.

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