Black hat Python Python programming for hackers and pentesters

“Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters” is a book by Justin Seitz that explores the intersection of Python programming and cybersecurity. It delves into the tools and techniques used by hackers and penetration testers to exploit vulnerabilities, conduct reconnaissance, and perform various tasks related to cybersecurity.

The book starts with an introduction to Python programming basics, assuming some prior knowledge but also providing explanations for beginners. It then progresses to more advanced topics such as network programming, manipulating binary data, and interacting with operating system processes.

Throughout the book, Seitz demonstrates how Python can be used for tasks such as scanning networks, exploiting web applications, and creating backdoors. By combining Python’s flexibility with an understanding of cybersecurity principles, readers can gain insights into both offensive and defensive security techniques.

“Black Hat Python” is not only a practical guide for aspiring hackers and penetration testers but also a resource for cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their skills and understanding of Python’s applications in the field.

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