Words that Change Minds

Words that Change Minds Book Pdf Free Download
By Shelle R. Charvet

Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence is self help book by Shelle R. Charvet, published in 1995.

In Words That Change Minds you will:

– Learn the influence science and practice.
– Discover the ways people unconsciously get motivated, process information and make decisions.
– Decode any communication problem and solve it.
– Find out how to pry open mental space in even the most closed of minds.
– Create rapport and credibility with anyone.
– Avoid inadvertently saying or doing the wrong thing.
– Get practical applications for sales, marketing, recruiting, negotiation, teaching, training, communication at work, conflict resolution.
– Increase your impact in interpersonal communication, teamwork, and in mass communication.

Words That Change Minds is based on the Language and Behavior Profile, (LAB Profile® for short) – a powerful tool that enables you to understand, predict and influence behavior by de-coding the language people use.

You can directly influence people one-on-one, in groups and even in mass communication by customizing your language to match their subconscious Motivation Patterns.

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