The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy Book Pdf Free Download
By Nikola Tesla

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy is science book by Nikola Tesla, published in 1900.

Though we may never be able to comprehend human life, we know certainly that it is a movement of whatever nature it be. The existence of movement unavoidably implies a body which is being moved and a force which is moving it. Hence, wherever there is life, there is a mass moved by a force. All mass posses inertia, all force tends to persist. Owing to this universal property and condition, a body, be it at rest or in motion, tends to remain in the same state, and a force, manifesting itself anywhere and through whatever cause, produces an equivalent opposing force, and as an absolute necessity of this it follows that every movement in nature must be rhythmical. Man, however, is not an ordinary mass, consisting of spinning atoms and molecules and containing merely heat-energy. What is most wonderful of all, he is capable of increasing or diminishing his velocity of movement by the mysterious power he possesses by appropriating more or less energy from other substance, and turning it into motive energy.

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