The Karachi Deception

The Karachi Deception Book Pdf Free Download
By Shatrujeet Nath

The Karachi Deception is thriller history book by Shatrujeet Nath, published in 2016.

Three commandos of the Indian Army’s elite Unit Kilo Major Imtiaz Ahmed, Captain Shamsheer Suleiman and Lieutenant Rafiq Mehmood are chosen for a one-of-a-kind ops mission: to enter Pakistan and eliminate dreaded underworld don, Irshad Dilawar. However, somehow, the Inter-Services Intelligence and Dilawar always seem to be one step ahead of them, foiling every plan they make. It doesn’t take long for Major Imtiaz to realize that something is amiss—the operation has been compromised. Will he be able to successfully complete his mission, or are he and his men, like Abhimanyu, entering a trap they cannot make their way out of?

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