The Girl in the Mayan Tomb

The Girl in the Mayan Tomb Book Pdf Free Download
By Kevin Tumlinson

The Girl in the Mayan Tomb is a fourth thriller and suspence novel by in Dan Kotler Series by Kevin Tumlinson, published in 2018.

When Broadway star Maggie Hamilton disappeared five years ago, it was a mystery that captured the imaginatinons of everyone. When her body turns up in the tomb of a Mayan god, it opens the door for an evil that could consume the world.

Dan Kolter and Agent Roland Denzel are back, and just in time, as a new threat emerges that could mean the end of all humanity. A mysterious figure has his sights on the contents of a lost Mayan tomb, and Kotler and company will need to use all of their resources, intelligence, and any luck they may have to keep an ancient curse at bay. In this fourth full-length adventure, Dr. Dan Kotler faces off with the most clever death traps the Mayan culture ever concieved, using his wits and his skills to keep himself and everyone else alive. Even if he escapes the Mayan tomb, it could be too late.

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