The Atlantis Riddle

The Atlantis Riddle Book Pdf Free Download
By Kevin Tumlinson

The Atlantis Riddle is a second thriller and suspence novel by in Dan Kotler Series by Kevin Tumlinson, published in 2016.

1914—Thomas Edison stands and watches his West Orange laboratory burn to the ground, taking his life’s work with it. And he smiles. In his pocket is a stone that is the key to untold mysteries, and with it he will start fresh, and create wonders beyond any of his previous work.

1974—Two US Army Special Forces officers uncover a lockbox filled with invaluable enemy intelligence that can turn the tide of the Vietnam conflict. Among the papers and maps is another stone, nearly identical to Edison’s. With this, the two officers will build a financial empire, corrupt to its core but powerful enough to elude even the FBI.

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