The Antarctic Forgery

The Antarctic Forgery Book Pdf Free Download
By Kevin Tumlinson

The Antarctic Forgery is a fifth thriller and suspence novel by in Dan Kotler Series by Kevin Tumlinson, published in 2018.

When an ancient map of Antarctica is found to be a forgery, it reveals an enigma of history and a terrifying modern-day threat.

For the past two years, Gail McCarthy has been a constant source of danger and chaos in the lives of Dan Kotler and his FBI partner, Roland Denzel. Her vast smuggling empire empowers her to move about in the world without the worry of capture, as she spearheads criminal activities on a global scale.

Guns, drugs, human trafficking there’s no black-market industry she doesn’t touch or flat-out control, and she has the power to continually stay ahead of the world’s top law enforcement agencies.

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