Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You

Six Secrets Smart Students Don't Tell You Book Pdf Free Download
By R. Chandan Deshmukh

Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You is self help book about study by R. Chandan Deshmukh, published in 2014.

The book, ‘Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You’ is a useful book that helps the readers to improve their studying skills. This book tries to answer the pressing question which is generally asked by all students and parents – how to become smarter at studies? This book is a compilation of focused research and useful insights which help to answer this particular question. It is written in a language that is easy to read and involves many examples that enhance its readability. The book is authored by R. Chandan Deshmukh and was published by Westland publications in the year 2014.

The age old saying that ‘successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently’ is the basic premise of this book. The author has taken many successful students as his reference for research. Then, he tries to find a common line of what works!

The book then explains the reasons for their success. The book reveals these reasons in the form of six secrets. The first chapter draws links between Indian education system and Railways. It describes how there is a reservation on both systems and talks about the fixed tracks they run on. Railways run on various tracks but they are fixed in nature; just like the education system is fixed with its tracks. Another interesting similarity which the book talks about is that students sleep on the desk while the passengers sleep on the berths of the train.

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