Programming For Problem Solving (PPS) GTU Book PDF

By E. Balagurusamy

The Book Programming For Problem Solving By E.Balagurusamy was published by McGraw Hill publication. Programming For Problem Solving Gtu Book Pdf Free Download from Book Drive. PPS GTU Book Pdf Free download (3110003).

programming for problem solving is designed to help first-year engineering students in building their concepts in the course on programming. It introduces the subject in a simple and lucid manner for a better understanding. The book adopts a student-friendly approach to the subject matter with solved examples and unsolved questions, illustrations, and well-structured C programs. Highlights: 1. In-depth coverage of functions, arrays & strings, etc. 2. Explains run-time complexity of all algorithms 3. Diverse pedagogical features: key concepts, ‘remember’, illustrations, briefcases, etc. 4. Review exercises – true-false, questions, programming exercises, etc. 5. Additional solved Gujarat Technical University examination questions from the previous year

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