Miss Marple and Mystery

Miss Marple and Mystery Book Pdf Free Download
By Agatha Christie

Miss Marple and Mystery: The Complete Short Stories is a collection of short stories on the crime-solving skills and exploits of an elderly lady created by famous mystery author Agatha Christie, published in 2001.

The stories are set in a small village in England. This book also contains other short stories as written by Agatha Christie, featuring no one in specific.

Miss Jane Marple has been described as one of the most prominent characters in detective fiction. She has developed an astute sense of observation and deduction from her life in the small British village of St Mary’s Mead. This book contains all the Miss Marple short stories in the chronological order that they were written in. These include stories from the famous Tuesday Club series. The stories involve Miss Marple solving every single baffling mystery being put in front of her by using her knowledge of basic human nature. Other short stories from Miss Marple’s Final Cases and Two Other Stories have also been included in the book.

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