Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart book pdf free download
By Danielle Steel

Matters Of The Heart is a novel by Danielle Steel, published by Delacorte Press in June 2009. The book is Steel’s seventy-eighth novel. Hope Dunne is content with her life, finding serenity and beauty through the lens of her camera. She isn’t looking for a man or excitement. But things change when she accepts a last-minute assignment in London, photographing one of the world’s most celebrated writers.

To Hope’s surprise, Finn O’Neill exudes warmth and a boyish charm. He courts her, whisking her away to his palatial, isolated Irish estate, weaving a tapestry of tales about his life. Hope finds it all absolutely dizzying. But soon cracks begin to appear in his stories and suddenly Hope is both in love and suspicious. How many lies has he told? Is it possible that this kind, loving, attentive man is hiding something even worse?

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