Logic Made Easy – How to Know When Language Deceives You

Logic Made Easy – How to Know When Language Deceives You book pdf free download
By Deborah J. Bennett

Logic Made Easy: How to Know When Language Deceives You is a 2004 book by Deborah J. Bennett published by W.W. Norton & Company. Its theme is the analysis of what common words such as “some”, “all”, and “not” mean, and how logic relates to speech and writing. 

“Professor Bennett entertains as she instructs,” writes Publishers Weekly about the penetrating yet practical Logic Made Easy. This brilliantly clear and gratifyingly concise treatment of the ancient Greek discipline identifies the illogical in everything from street signs to tax forms. Complete with puzzles you can try yourself, Logic Made Easy invites readers to identify and ultimately remedy logical slips in everyday life. Designed with dozens of visual examples, the book guides you through those hair-raising times when logic is at odds with our language and common sense. Logic Made Easy is indeed one of those rare books that will actually make you a more logical human being.

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