Limit State Design of Steel Structures

Limit State Design of Steel Structures Book Pdf Free Download
By S.K. Duggal

Limit State Design of Steel Structures is book for civil engineering by S.K. Duggal, published in 2017.

Limit State Design of Steel Structures presents the basic principles of structural steel design in a simple, practical and logical manner. It covers the fundamental aspects of analysis and design and also discusses practical requirements such as safety, feasibility and economy of structural elements. It is hoped that the text would serve the undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as practicing civil engineers and consultants who need a review of current practice and IS specifications.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates the latest codal provisions of IS: 800-2007
  • Provides well-labeled figures with 3D views of structural components and connections to enable high level of comprehension
  • Notes provided within chapters to clarify conceptual doubts and highlight salient aspects of problem solving

Table of Contents:

  • General Considerations
  • Loads (Actions)
  • Plastic Analysis and Design
  • Limit State Design Approach
  • Simple Connections – Riveted, Bolted and Pinned Connections
  • Simple Welded Connection
  • Tension Members
  • Compression Members
  • Beams
  • Members Under Combined Axial Load and Moments
  • Column Bases and Caps
  • Plate Girder
  • Gantry Girders
  • Eccentric and Moment
  • Roof Trusses


  • Metallurgy of Steel
  • Designation of Steel Sections
  • Drawbacks of Hot-Rolled Sections with Tapered Flanges
  • Buckling of Plates Under Compression in One Direction
  • Post Buckling
  • Elastic Lateral Torsional Buckling
  • Von Mises Criterion
  • Plastic Properties of Beams
  • Shear Centre

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