Life’s Amazing Secrets Book Pdf

Life's Amazing Secrets Book Pdf Download
By Gaur Gopal Das

Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to find balance and purpose in your life is self help book by Indian Monk Gaur Gopal Das. Life’s Amazing Secrets Book Pdf Free Download On Book Drive.

Life’s Amazing Secrets Book Pdf. Crawling through the ruthless Mumbai traffic for hours on end, Gaur Gopal Das strikes up a conversation with his friend and young millionaire, Harry. Together, they explore the great frustrations of human condition in Harry’s luxury sedan. To most of us, the modern city-life is like a battlefield, throwing up new challenges that leave us feeling stressed and defeated. That corporate job, the competition, financial pressures, strained relationships, rising crime, inflation… we wonder if there will ever be respite? Gaur Gopal Das, the immensely popular life-coach and an ISKCON monk, believes there is a way out and through this book, Life’s Amazing Secrets he shows you how to conquer your daily battles, align yourself with your purpose and win at life!

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