Get Epic Shit Done by Ankur Warikoo Book PDF

Get Epic Shit Done book pdf free download
By Ankur Warikoo

Get Epic Shit Done is a self help book by Indian finance youtuber and investor Ankur Warikoo. Get Epic Shit Done Book pdf free download From Book Drive. Download Do Epic Shit Book.

DO EPIC SHIT made you think. GET EPIC SHIT DONE will make you act! When he was a college student, Ankur bought a book containing answers to the last 10 years’ question papers. That book helped him prepare for the forthcoming exams. In his second book, he attempts to create the same book for life. Written as a conversation between a student and a teacher, GET EPIC SHIT DONE answers 36 life Questions that you face almost everyday, questions that you need answers to. GET EPIC SHIT DONE isn’t just a book that will inspire you – it will visibly improve the way you live.

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