Effective Technical Communication GTU Technical Book PDF

By Uma Joshi

The Book Effective Technical Communication is Written by Uma Joshi and published by Technical Publication. Effective Technical Communication GTU Technical Book Pdf Free Download. ETC GTU Technical Book PDF Free Download.

Effective Technical Communication GTU Technical Book contains

1. Dynamics of Communication: Definition and process, Kinesics, Proxemics, Paralinguistic features, Importance of Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication in today’s organizations. (Chapter – 1)
2. Technical Writing: Report writing, Technical proposal, Technical description, Business letters (sales, order, complaint, adjustment, inquiry, recommendation, appreciation, apology, acknowledgement, cover letter), Agenda of meeting, Minutes of meeting, Resume writing. (Chapter – 2)
3. Technical Communication: Public speaking, Group discussion, Presentation strategies, Interview skills, Negotiation skills, Critical and Creative thinking in communication. (Chapter – 3)
4. Ethics in Engineering: Scope of engineering ethics, Accepting and sharing responsibility, Responsible professionals and ethical corporations, Resolving ethical dilemmas, Making moral choices. (Chapter – 4)
5. Etiquettes: Telephone etiquettes, Etiquettes for foreign business trips, Visits of foreign counterparts, Etiquettes for small talks Respecting privacy, Learning to say NO, Time management. (Chapter – 5)
6. Self-development and Assessment: Change, Grow, Persist, Prioritize, Read, Learn, Listen, Record, Remember, Asses, Think, Communicate, Relate, Dream. (Chapter – 6)

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