Data Structure (DS) GTU Technical Book PDF

By A.A.Puntambekar

The Book Data Structure is Written by A. A. Puntambekar and published by Technical Publication. Data Structure GTU Technical Book Pdf Free Download. DS GTU Technical Book PDF Free Download.

Data Structure GTU Technical Book contains

1. Introduction to Data Structure Data management concepts, Data types – primitive and non-primitive, Performance analysis and measurement (Time and space analysts of algorithms – Average, best and worst case analysis). Types of data structures – Linear and non linear data structures.

2. Linear Data Structure Array: Representation of arrays, Applications of arrays, Sparse matrix and its representation. Stack: Stack-Definitions and concepts, Operations on stacks, Applications of stacks, Polish expression. Reverse polish expression and their compilation. Recursion. Tower of Hanoi. Queue : Representation of queue, Operations on queue, Circular queue, Priority queue, Array representation of priority queue, Double ended queue, Applications of queue. Linked list :Singly linked list. Doubly linked list. Circular linked list. Linked implementation of stack, linked implementation of queue, Applications of linked list.

3. Nonlinear Data Structure Tree-definitions and concepts, Representation of binary tree, Binary tree traversal (inorder, Postorder, Preorder).Threaded binary tree, Binary search trees, Conversion of general trees to binary trees, Applications of trees- Some balanced tree mechanisms, e.q. AVL trees, 2-3 trees, Height balanced, Weight balanced. Graph-matrix representation of graphs, Elementary graph operations. (Breadth-first search. Depth-first search. Spanning trees. Shortest path. Minimal spanning tree).

4. Hashing and File Structures Hashing: The symbol table, Hashing functions. Collision resolution techniques. File structure: Concepts of fields, Records, and files, Sequential, Indexed, and relative I random file organization, Indexing structure for index files, Hashing for direct files, Multi-key file organization, and access methods

5. Sorting and Searching Sorting – Bubble sort, Selection sort, Quick sort, Merge sort searching – Sequential search and binary search.

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