Better English

Better English Book Pdf Free Download
By Norman Lewis

Better English is english grammar book by Norman Lewis, published in 1961.

Better English concentrates on the aim Teach Yourself -Test Yourself. This is a self-help book which a person with average English skills can consult without the help of any professional. Lessons on grammar, pronunciation and spelling are included in the book. Various types of practical examples are given to test the weaknesses of the readers at frequent sections of the book. Pronunciation of certain difficult words has been made easy.

The words such as succinct-indict; genuine-guillotine; valet-bouquet; quay-querulous; homage-herb; chasm-chic. These types of lessons are very important for our everyday life since we interact with different kinds of people on a daily basis. Once a person is able to grab the basic principles and rules of the English language, better accuracy and efficiency can be achieved.

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