Advanced Machining Processes

Advanced Machining Processes Book Pdf Free Download
By V. K. Jain

Advanced Machining Processes is book for mechnical engineering by V. K. Jain, published in 2007. 

The technology developed in research laboratories cannot be brought to the shop floor unless its applications are realized by user industries. Diversified industrial applications of different AMPs discussed in the book help readers in evolving new areas of applications to make the fullest possible use of the capabilities of AMPs. At the end of each chapter there is a section titled AT-A-GLANCE which will definitely help students in quick revision of a chapter, for teachers in preparing transparencies as teaching aids, and practicing engineers in making quick decisions about the specific process to be used for machining a particular product. Some of the recently developed machining processes (AFM, MAF, AWJM, STEM, etc) other than the processes usually discussed (AJM, USM, EDM, EBM, ECM, etc) in available books on this subject have been incorporated.

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